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Cape Cod Treasury
National Park Service, 1984

Producer/Director: Neil Goodwin
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Cape Cod: Henry David Thoreau - 9 minutes
This film is based on passages from Thoreau's book on Cape Cod and is set to music. The camera sees what Thoreau saw.

Cape Cod: The Sands of Time - 13 minutes
This is about the post ice age geology of Cape Cod: how it was formed and continues to be formed by the sea. Animation and live action of surf, storms, erosion and wildlife.

The Voice of Cape Cod - 9 minutes
This is about Marconi's invention of wireless radio and the building of the first transcontinental radio station on Cape Cod. Archival stills, archival stock footage, historic re-enactment and live action.

Wooden Ships and Men of Iron - 13 minutes
This is an historical piece about whaling and shipwrecks on Cape Cod. Using historical stills, an evocative music track and unusual archival stock footage, this film is a brief history of whaling, the treacherous Cape Cod coast, and the founding of the U.S. Coast Guard.