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Nature Films

Hawaii Born of Fire
1996, NOVA
Wildlife Coexisting with an active volcano, 1 hr.

Adrift on the Gulf Stream
1989, NOVA
The history and current state of research on the oceanography and biology of the Gulf Stream and its role in global weather. 1 hr.

The New York Aquarium
Video exhibits at Discovery Cove on worldwide marine life

The Salt Marsh
1988, Norwalk Aquarium
Video exhibits on marine life

Wetlands, the Forgotten Resource
1986, Wetlands Research, Inc.
Restoring a wetland outside of Chicago, 9 min.

The Mystery of Animal Pathfinders
1986, NOVA
Animal migrations: birds, fish, insects, 1 hr.

The Shape of Things
1985, NOVA
Natural geometries, patterns and structures and how they are created, 1 hr

The Voyage Of The Mimi
1984, Bank Street College of Education
Dramatic series about kids on a big schooner studying whales, natural history, science

City of Coral
1983, NOVA
A portrait of a Caribbean Coral reef, 1 hr.

Animal Impostors
1982, NOVA
Camouflage, mimicry and deceptive behavior among animals, 1 hr.

The Sea Behind the Dunes
1980, NOVA
A year in the life of a tidal estuary on Cap Cod, 1 hr.

Still Waters
1978, NOVA
A year in the life of a fresh water pond, 1 hr.

A Desert Place
1976, NOVA
A year in the life of Arizona's Sonoran Desert, 1 hr.

Following the Tundra Wolf
1975, ABC, American Sportsman
The tundra wolf and the barren ground caribou portrait of predator and prey, shot entirely in the wild, 45 min. Narrated by Robert Redford.


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